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Ever wonder what a song might mean? Me too. Here are some plausible explanations to understand the lyrics of the tunes which intrigue us most.

Rascal Flatts: Life is a Highway 
This supposed "road trip anthem" is a clever disguised for the Flatts love of board games. Not just any board game but "The Game of Life." You know the one with the peg people and their colorful array of SUVs. (Cars? Yeah, we are onto you guys.) These Rascals are notoriously known for their intense arguments over the split-level house, twins and/or becoming a famous athlete. This tune was composed as a truce. Oh...and something for the peg people to sing in the car.

Mumford & Sons: I Will Wait
These lads stir up nostalgia for everyone's favorite pet rock with this hit. Since the days of its invention the stone has been crying, "I will weight," much to the relief of the stack of papers it sits upon. Though the spelling of this title is a bit of a mystery; when the wind blows we will all be singing this tune.

Pink: Try
For anyone who has ever done a triathlon the meaning of this tune is clear. P!nk is obviously familiar with getting up to swim, bike and run. Nothing burns quite like exhausted muscles but fear not all the training strengthens your heart. So get out there with a training buddy and tri, tri, tri.

Coldplay: Paradise
This tune was penned by an unlucky girl whose only win at the craps table paid for a trip to South Africa. When asked how she got there she simply replied, "a pair of dice."

Justin Timberlake: Mirrors
This song is about a couple who lives in a "fun house." With mirrors everywhere, it becomes increasingly difficult to tell how fun the house really is. At least this couple has an appreciation for a challenge and indoor mazes.

Relient K:  Be My Escape
Most men love their cars. A Ford dealership is a great place to find a good one. However, these guys don't seem to know that talking to a sales person is more effective than just asking the car to be your's...even if it is set to music. Men.

Boyz II Men: End of the Road
My fellow Pennsylvanians have cleverly disguised a love song within one about road signs. They harmonize perfectly the effects of those pesky orange cones and visions of reflective metal reading: "end of the road", "detour", "speed limit", and "one way". Yet a strand of hope remains holding their love together. She may return once she figures out how to get around the construction.

Karmin: Brokenhearted
This poor woman, named Baby, is experiencing an age old dilemma. She is caught in a game of jinx with someone who doesn't know here name. What's worse, he is oblivious to the consequences of his actions.  It's not looking good for Baby and the pop (soda) which hangs in the balance is truly the most heartbreaking part.

Matt Wertz: Everything's Right
Matt's organization prowess comes into direct conflict with where his belongings actually are. Beyonce is the only one who can actually set him straight. Or, um, to the left.
Christina Perri: Arms
Christina, or shall we call you Lois Lane? wrote this tune about her love Clark Kent. Wait...remove glasses-TA DA: Superman! She flies, he sees through her (awkward) but in the end he catches her. Their love was destined from the beginning of time on another planet. I think it would take more than arms of steel to separate these two.

Lifehouse: You and Me
Why can't he take his eye off of her? For the most obvious reason, they are in the championship round of a staring contest. Although, these competitors claim they have "nothing to prove" and "nothing to lose" that's just sportsmanlike speak for, "Hurry up and blink." When that clock does move again, there will be eye-drops for everyone!

Taylor Swift: Jump Then Fall
I bet you didn't know that Ms. Swift moonlights as a personal injury lawyer. This song used to be entitled, "Slip and Fall." However, due to legal complications it was renamed. Don't believe me? Listen to it closely, the potential for bodily harm is all through the lyrics.

Natasha Bedingfield: Unwritten
This song was originally penned for Bedingfield's local Sussex Cleaning Service. However, after leaving far too many windows dirty and bills unwritten the company was forced to file bankruptcy in 2005.

Katy Perry: Wide Awake
This is the perfect bedtime lullaby. Katy's reminder of reality always puts me right to sleep. How's that other song go? "When you're dreaming with a broken heart, waking up is the hardest part."  My advice: check for monsters under the bed. Otherwise, the mattress doubles as a trampoline. Either way, really, you will go right to sleep.

Colbie Caillat: Running Around
This is the Karaoke version of a little ditty about running. Yes, running "all around town." In honor of race season every spring and summer, this tune was written to captures the difficulties of finding a training partner; one who can pace with you well, even after you get a blister, have to go to the bathroom, and it begins to rain. Yet oddly enough, this is a terrible song to play when you are actually running.

John Waite: Missing You
Signs you are missing someone: 1. You think of them, 2. You want to see them, 3. A storm rages in your heart. There might be more but this song contains none of these. So if you are missing someone its likely this isn't your tune. Sorry to disappoint... :)

Parachute: You and Me 
This melody is about Bonnie and Clyde, famous bank robbers, and their bicycle gang of young men.  All was fun and games until someone suggested, "Let's get rich quick and not wear our bike helmets." Remember, young men on bikes, it didn't end well for Bonnie and Clyde, it didn't end well. 

Mandy Moore and Jon Foreman: Someday We'll Know
This tune from the movie A Walk to Remember is the perfect road trip song for the lovelorn philosopher. It's a mix of deep questions about life and love. The biggest head scratcher resides in this duets wondering, "Why aren't you here with me?" I'm no musical genius but wouldn't both be present for recording? Look around friends, look around!

Adele: Chasing Pavements
Don't let these lyrics fool you. This song is about the singer's love for a truck driver named Reggie. He has left on a trip and forgot his lunch. Adele follows him but when the road "Ys" she doesn't know which to go. Should she give up or "chase pavement?"

Alicia Keys: Girl on Fire
If you have read The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins,  you already know that this is none other than Katniss Everdeen's theme song. I don't think there is a need to say more.

Andy Grammer: Fine by Me
When was the last time you used the words, "It's fine," when describing anything you really cared about? My guess... NEVER. Thus this song is actually about breaking up because any relationship labeled "fine" may be doomed. Sorry Andy...

Mat Kearney: Ships in the Night
The lyrics may relay thoughts about relationships but this song is about a famous sailor named Chris, who got lost at sea and ended up rather far from the West Indies. What happened next is another song, entirely.

Jordin Sparks: One Step at a Time
I think the meaning is pretty clear with this one. It's a ballad of a choreographer to a dancer: "one step at a time." Incidentally, this song was my inspiration to complete the three years it took for me to learn all the steps to The Electric Slide. Thanks Jordin!

The Script: Man Who Can't be Moved
This is a sad tale. This man literally "can't be moved" because he is a statute. His love is no other than Lady Liberty. Built in the same factory their love kindled as hot as a welding torch, only to be later separated. They currently reside on different corners, but as the song suggests, their love for one other is as deep as their metal hearts will allow. (tear...)

John Mayer: Gravity
The little known Astronaut Chorus shares many of the same lines as this song. Its not clear who borrowed from who. My guess, it was a collaborative effort.

Neil Diamond: Sweet Caroline
There is a lot of touching in this song making it difficult to figure out how many hands are involved. The answer: 16! "That's a lot," you may say. But not once I let you in on this little secret: Sweet Caroline and her fella are octopuses. I'll let you figure out the rest.

Nick Lachey: What's Left of Me
It's in the mis-hearing of these lyrics that the true meaning is revealed. "Like a hunger, like a burnin'" is better understood as, "Like a hunger, like a bunion." A bunion? Or corn, athlete's foot or the worst, gangrene? Podiatrists every where proclaim with Nick, "What's left of me?" And we all hope the answer is, our FEET! 

Backstreet Boys: I Want it That Way 
This song makes about as much sense as a Gregorian chant. Who wants what? Which way? I guess it doesn't matter for attractive boy band members. Just smile and we will forget the riddle you are singing to us. These guys are notorious for this. See Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely . I guess it's too much to ask them to help a girl out...

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