Monday, May 12, 2014

"How to Become a Regular"

In a world of people, it's nice to dine among friends. And in a world of know how, no matter is too simple to be overlooked. In an effort to bridge these two ideas, I present:

"How to become a Regular*" 
A Guide for making Food Service Professionals your friends. 

Step One: Go to eatery, diner or coffee shop at least once a week. Try to schedule visits on the same days and/or around the same time of day.

Step Two: Speak cordially to the staff. Use good manners and smile.

Step Three: After an incident, which has made you both laugh, introduce yourself. (Optional: Phone it in.)

Step Four: Repeat Steps One and Two (and Three if need be) until Food Service Professionals have learned your order/likes and dislikes.

Step Five: Never change your order/tastes. Bear in mind you are not the only regular.

Step Six: Enjoy! (Keep repeating Step Two)

Well, there is it. Simple as counting on both hands. Now, get out there and be a regular. Or are you one already?

*Please read the title carefully, lest "a regular" becomes "irregular." Yet, to be thorough keep this in mind: To become irregular eat more cheese. 

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