Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Voters Unite!

To My Fellow Americans,

Looking ahead to the Presidential Elections of 2016, a thought has dawned on me. Perhaps, it is time for a new way to chose the president of our country. Instead of debates, endless propaganda, and mixed messages via social interest groups and political parties, I would like to propose another idea.

First, I suggest we do away with the archaic Electoral College. It's perennial ungraduates must be sacrificed to make way for a more modern approach.

Second, all qualified and interested candidates need to apply for the process (soon to be outlined). Please see the Constitutional Requirements for application parameters.

Third, each candidate will have five minutes of un-interrupted "air time" to present campaign platform.

Fourth, let the Games begin! Each candidate will participate in the new election process. Nearly every reality show draws more votes from the American people than polls on election day. It is time to turn the process over to everyone with a phone.

The Games will be as follows: 2 tributes from each district...wait wrong games.

These Games will require each candidate to participate in various challenges based on existing/former reality shows. They will include but are not limited to Survivor, Dancing with the Stars, Punk'd, The Amazing Race, America's Next Top ModelThe Apprentice, American Idol, Master Chef, The Weakest Link, etc.
At the end of each challenge a vote will occur. After the competition is complete, the top two candidates will become President and Vice President, respectively. (They are not required to share political ideals or party.)
These Games would last for as long as it takes to eliminate all unworthy candidates and/or they remain entertaining. Should the Games become boring before two candidates are remaining the process will default back to the already established mode.

Therefore, vote my Fellow Americans and let your voice be heard. If we must chose a leader, the selection process might as well entertain us!

If you agree please dial or text. 1800555PREZ! (Don't really that isn't a real number but you get the idea.)

Whose's with me?


Voter with a Phone

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  1. I think you need to work on this a little more.