Sunday, September 22, 2013

Ode to the Sock

The first day of fall officially arrived today bringing with it cooler temperatures. I love fall. While the beauty of nature surrounds us, so also does the softness of cotton and wool. Yes, my friends, it is officially sock weather! 

I love socks! It's likely I have more than any one person needs. However, I believe that each occasion and events require corresponding foot coverings. As I changed socks today I was inspired to write a few couplets declaring the perfect "coupling" I know.  :)

Oh how I love thee, the covering of my feet
‘Tis a joy to be the first garments my shoes greet.
Splendid fabric so soft and comfortable,
Cotton, spandex, polyester and wool,
All I love and do require,
To keep my feet dry as they perspire.
Throughout the day and in the night
You cover both my left and my right.  
Thank you fine sock for having a twin,
When we are together we all win!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Psalm 66:5

"Come and see what God has done, how awesome his works in man's behalf!(Psalm 66:5 NIV84)

This verse simply states my "hot dog cart." This is what I want to do! 

I want to tell the stories of God's work; what he has and is doing on man's behalf. It could be my story or someone else's. Either way I would like to write about what God has done as a reminder and encouragement for those who read it. 

I am not sure how this will take shape just yet. However, I would like all of my writing whether directly or indirectly to do this: declare the works of God, past and present and maybe even dreams of what the future could bring. 

I have my thoughts on how this should look but it is merely a rough outline at this point. But now I know what I working towards! 

My first steps are resigning from part of my job. I have tremendously enjoyed getting paid to be creative. However, my creative energies have not been spent on my projects but someone else's. I think that time has come for me to chose between the two and I have chosen my own projects. I will sacrifice pay for now so I can get serious about what I believe I am called to do. 

This is another step in telling what God is doing in my life and I know there is more to come! The fun is just getting started, come and see! :)

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

September 11th

In my less than 30 years on this earth, September 11th, 2001 holds a vivid place in my memory. Settled between family vacations, lessons learned and funny moments with friends, the events of this day reside.

I was a junior in high school. The first plane struck while I was switching classes. My neighbor met me at the locker we shared and told me about it. I didn't believe her. The words she spoke sounded more like a scene from a doomsday movie than truth. So I chose to ignore them. Entering my next class I was more focused on the test I was about to take than anything else. But her words rattled around in my head.

Soon after our principle announce via the p.a. system that the second plane had hit. Staring at the math problems before me seemed so trivial after that. There was no category or place in my understanding to put this kind of news. The rest of the day passed in surreal silence. News of the Pentagon attack and Flight 93 barely penetrated my consciousness.

After school when I went to the barn where I worked, I remember even there it was oddly quiet. As if everyone, even the horses, were astonished at that mornings events. It's incredible to recognize how used to air traffic we are and then be struck by it's absence. The sky that afternoon was a cloudless blue, a rarity in Pittsburgh weather.

Changing into my work clothes, I had brought my shirt from two years earlier. It was on from the band trip we had taken to New York City, the skyline across the front of it. The sight of the Twin Towers shook me. At that moment, they no longer stood.

I don't know what happened to that shirt but I am almost positive I never wore it again. It was too painful a reminder of what was lost that day.  However, it was replaced by a F.D.N.Y. shirt as a sign of respect to those who did so much on that day.

After I returned home, I think the news overtook the airways for at least three or four days. It was talked about so much I felt numb. It's only been in the years since that I have begun to process the events of September 11th. They still do not have a logical place in my mind but I have hope that they did and do have a place in the sovereignty of God. He wastes nothing. Not grief, tears, blood, suffering nor tragedy.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Not Working Out

I have a beef with myself. Every blog post I have written lately (some published, some not) are meant to be funny but they keep coming out serious. They start with a laugh and end with something honest and real. But I just want to be funny!

I guess I don't get to have the last laugh when my heart knows better than my humorous.

Fitting In

I was the girl in 3rd grade who had the same shoes as the teacher. He liked basketball too. Though I have never been known for my fashion sense; I wanted to be cool. And I knew that wearing the same shoes as a man wasn't a good sign. My cheeks reddened a bit when he observed, "Hey look, we have the same shoes," or something along those lines. For the rest of the school year, I think I tried to hide my shoes so that no one else would make the connection. I really liked those white high tops with the navy swoosh. They were cool.

In those moments, I couldn't have said what I now know. I wanted to fit in, be accepted and if possible cool. By middle school, the option of cool was out but my other two desires were as stronger as ever. Any 12 year old would likely say the same. However, no one tells you that as you get older that feeling doesn't really go away.

It's taken countless readings of Ephesians, especially 1-3, to catch the words: adopted, chosen, reconciled, included, and family to realize my anxiety to fit in has been soothed (and solved) in Christ. Because of Christ's work on the cross I am not longer separated from God and his people but part of his family. Ephesians (4-6) goes on as Paul explains how we should then live as members of this family aka the Church.

It is this truth that reminds me, fashion or being cool isn't the way to fit in. Not wearing certain shoes will only externally yield either approval or disgust. And who's opinion of me is more powerful than God's. He has told me who I am in a way no other person can and that I do fit in. So I can walk confidently in those high top sneakers because while I may never be cool, in Christ I am accepted.

Warning: Being a member of God's family in Christ will definitely keep you from fitting in elsewhere.