Saturday, December 29, 2012

Writing Hearts

Something odd is happening. I am working (slowly) on editing and re-writing a story. I have struggled with this story before because my characters were not fitting with the plot. So I let them speak and things improved. However, now as I work to fine tune this story the same problem is happening. The characters keep telling a story that is not quite the one I want. Instead they are telling another story.

Up until a few hours ago, I was rather annoyed by this fact. I have been trying to write something funny and serious about something I know a little bit about. I have had mixed advice about whether writing what you know is better than not. However, it seems whether I know things or not my characters consistently return to what I know.

I don't mean that in a practical sense but something deeper. It took me a little while to realize this odd thing that is happening is that I am not only finding my characters voice but my own. And what I have to say is much more personal and revealing than I am ready to share. My characters are little extensions of me in one way or another and they are shedding light on me: my heart, my desires and my thoughts. This is not something I expected and have not experienced in writing before. But to be fair I am not surprised because this project is probably closest to my heart and one that I have work with more depth on than any other.

But that doesn't mean the story fits yet or is by any means finished. My voice (me) is being slowly revealed and someday this process, I think will develop my character(s) both on the page and in me. I look forward to seeing how this unfolds.

Some people write what's in their heart and I guess, some people like me have to write to find what's in their heart.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Writing the story, the story of Re-Writing

Today marks the beginning of edits on the rough draft I have been working on. It is a complete story and a complete mess in many ways. The base story is good but several questions about how to tell it remain. For the month that I wrote it I had to turn my editors side off to get the words out. But now my editors side is back on and if full force. Nothing seems like it will be good enough. I guess a happy medium needs to be found.

This is another new adventure in story telling. I have lots of starts but very little work finished. Complete drafts mean editing and I have yet to really finish a complete second draft over a few pages. Now I have 170 staring back at me crying out for clarification, proper grammar and reworking. Well I better get to work. At least I think my characters and I have finally reached an understanding. So here goes on the journey to a second draft!